The short answer: parents should contact the school nurse; staff members contact their supervisor and a district nurse.

  • Do call your school nurse (if you are a student) or the administrator who supervises you (if you are a staff member) as soon as possible. They will connect you with a district nurse to determine the next steps. They will also complete the contact tracing to determine who is considered a “close contact” to you.
  • Do follow the advice of the district nurse about the number of days that you will need to isolate at home.
  • Do communicate with your supervisor (staff) or teacher (student) about your work responsibilities.
  • Don’t worry that your COVID-19 status will be shared by the BPS101 staff members. There is an extremely limited number of people who will be told of your status. Anyone identified as a “close contact” to you will be called, but your name will remain confidential.
  • Don’t contact your friends, classmates,  co-workers or others about your positive test result; there are a few reasons for this request:
    • The contact tracers need time to make their phone calls. Anyone who needs to be called should hear the information from a health professional.
    • People who are not “close contacts” are not required to be tested or quarantined. There is no need to cause unnecessary worry.
    • It will help us to keep your confidential health information private.