Extra Curriculars

Whether choosing remote or on-site learning, all students may participate in extra curricular activities.

All of the enhanced safety measures for on-site learning (masks, social distancing, symptom screening, etc.) will apply to any in-person activities.

Some activities during the 2020-21 school year will be offered virtually.


The Illinois Department of Public Health provided guidance for all sports, including school extracurricular athletics. Sports are categorized as low-, medium- or high-risk. The guidance in each of these categories changes depending on the region’s level of mitigation.

  • As of 1/26/21, Region 8 is in Tier 1 mitigation.
  • For information about which sports are in season, visit the IHSA website for high school or IESA website for middle school.



Clubs and Activities

BHS is currently offering clubs and activities. Click HERE for the Activities Page on the BHS website.

RMS is currently offering clubs and activities. Click HERE for more details.

Information about elementary offerings have been communicated in the school newsletters.


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